Has a Broken Cable, Or Off Track

A Broken Cable or Off Track door will need a qualified garage door repair technician to get you door fixed quickly.

Tracks guide the movement of a garage door and cables help the door move. If a cable breaks or becomes loose, the garage door is not going to move, or it is going to crash down from an up position. The door can also go off of its track if it isn’t already off of the track for another reason. If a cable is too tight, the door isn’t going to close all the way.
This can be a major inconvenience because you may not be able to get your car in or out of the garage. Broken cables and doors that are not on their tracks are also safety hazards. Fortunately, our Minneapolis and St. Paul garage door repair service can help you get the matter under control.

Fast Garage Door Repair on Broken Cable Off Track

The cables work on the track, and they will loosen and tighten accordingly to make sure the door moves correctly. If the cables are broken or damaged, then the door won’t operate. Any attempt to manually move the door or repair the cable or track issue on our own can create a dangerous scenario.
At AA Garage Doors, we perform the repair quickly, so that hazard and inconvenience are relieved as soon as possible. We can have your door back to normal in no time.

Professional Garage Door Repair You Can Trust

It is important that you opt for professional garage door repair so that the right tools, expertise, and experience are put into the job. This ensures the repair is done right. If a repair is not completed correctly, then the door could malfunction and cause damage to the door or cause a safety issue. Cable breakage is a common reason behind garage door damage.
You can prevent cable breakage and door damage by periodically checking the cables for wear and tear or rusting. If you notice anything that seems strange, immediately call us so that we can perform an inspection and repair any issues.

Contact A Minneapolis & St. Paul Garage Door Repair Service

A broken cable off track garage door can be a dangerous situation. Plus, a garage door that doesn’t work is a security risk. At AA Garage Doors, we can fix the issue quickly so that your garage door is once again working safely. To learn more about how we can quickly and efficiently fix your broken cable or track issue, call us at 651-702-1420 or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate.

Broken Cable off Track

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