Has a Broken Spring, Or Is Stuck

A broken garage door spring is not something you want to have to deal with, but it does happen. The good news is that AA Garage Doors can address the problem quickly. That way the dangers that are associated with a broken spring or stuck door are eliminated and you can go on with the normal use of your garage.

We Rectify Broken Torsion Springs Fast

A door can become stuck when a torsion spring breaks. This is because the torsion spring makes the force on the garage door opener less taxing. The garage door opener can’t open a door by itself. It relies on these springs to balance the door weight against gravity, allowing the garage door opener to not work so hard. The torsion springs are why you can open a door manually if you have to without having to deal with the entire weight of the door. When the spring is broken, it isn’t intact to create that balance and that means the garage door opener can’t open the door on its own and you may not be able to manually open it.
If you suspect that it is the torsion spring causing your problem but you aren’t sure, the spring is right above the garage door about 12 inches when the door is closed. You’ll notice the springs are about as long as your arm and may be black or silver.

When The Door Is Stuck

If the door is stuck in a closed position, it is best for you to not try and manually lift the door, especially by yourself. This is a way in which injuries can and do happen. If the door is stuck halfway, it is best to stay away from it because it could slam down and hurt someone. By calling our Twin Cities garage door repair company, you are taking an important step toward having the problem rectified in the safest and most efficient manner possible. We restore door operation quickly so the safety hazard and the inconveniencesre relieved as soon as possible.

Contact A Twin Cities Garage Door Repair Company

At AA Garage Doors, we install quality doors and we can repair your existing door. If you have noticed a spring is broken or the door is stuck, it is important to let our professionals address the problem so that you don’t have the safety and security issues brought on by broken doors. To learn more about how we can help you or to request your free estimate, call us at 651-702-1420 or complete the contact form.