6 Tips to Maintain Your Garage Door

Garage door in Vancouver, Canada.

Garage doors are often the workhorses in a home. The typical garage door opens and closes thousands of times every year. All that use can reduce the life of a garage door without regular maintenance. To keep your garage door in top shape, give it a tune-up twice a year as the seasons change. Read on for some tips.

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4 Garage Door Security Tips

Garage doors are useful for giving you easy access to your garage; however, garage doors can become a security risk if you don’t take precautions. If you’re not careful, criminals can use your garage door or opening system to break into your garage and home. If you want to better protect your home, check out these four garage door security tips.

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Garage Door Repair Cost

Garage Door Repair Cost

Things to look for in Garage Door Repair Cost.
Winter is here and the garage door repair season is the highest demand. The most common repairs are springs, cables, and garage door openers. When repairing springs on a two car door prices range from $179 – $139. Cable changes average $139 – $179. And opener replacement for Liftmaster chain drives averages $300 -400 depending on door height and number of remotes needed. Most good companies will give you a cost over the phone for these repairs, be careful if they are unwilling to provide you with a close price and if your repairs are more then $400 give a couple of companies a call, so your not paying the high price for repairs. And if you hit the $1000 mark for a door repair you can get a new Clopay garage door for that cost depending on size and if you want an insulated door. We wish everyone Happy Holidays with some friendly advice to help you make an informed discussion. Please share this with family and friends. Continue reading “Garage Door Repair Cost”

3 Garage Door Repairs best for the Professionals

3 Garage Door Repairs best for the Professionals

For many people, their garage is more than a convenient place to park their car—it’s a storage space, a work area, a home-gym, and even the most commonly used entrance to their home. The garage door itself keeps everything inside the garage safe, and when it breaks, it can be a real nuisance. Getting the door repaired quickly keeps your home safe and allows your family to keep up with their busy schedules. Even if you like to tackle home improvement projects yourself, there are some repairs best left to the professionals for your safety.

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5 ways to keep your garage warm

Image of wooden thermometer showing 30 degrees C
How do you keep your garage warm?

The summer may be a distant memory now as the days start getting shorter and colder, so if you’re going to be spending more time there, then you’ll want to know the best way to keep your garage warm.

If you’ve got plans for your garage this year, then you’re going to want to make sure that it’s warm enough for you to do what you want in it.

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