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Broken garage door springs can create quite the headache because your door isn’t going to open and close properly or at all. This could cause your car to be stuck in the garage or you may have to park it outside where it is vulnerable to vandalism and theft. It also means anything inside the garage being at risk and even your home being at risk.
Basically, a lot of stress can be created by having a broken garage door spring.
The good news is that AA Garage Doors can take care of the broken garage door springs quickly so that you have use of your garage door again. Our Twin Cities garage door company offers same-day service so that the stress can be eliminated as soon as possible.

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Where to locate the Garage Door Springs

When a torsion spring is broken, the door isn’t going to lift. You aren’t even going to be able to manually lift the door without help because the door is very heavy. Plus, it’s not recommended to try and manually lift a door that has a broken torsion spring because of the risk of injury.
If you aren’t sure whether the garage door spring is broken or not, look at the spring that is around 12 inches above the top of the garage door when it is closed. You will see two long coil springs that are either black or silver. If either of the springs doesn’t look right, chances are you have a torsion spring issue and the door isn’t going to lift. The function of the spring is to balance gravity and the weight of the door against each other so the garage door opener doesn’t have to use a lot of pull to open the door. When the springs are compromised, gravity wins and the door won’t raise. When the springs are working, the door feels lighter than it actually is.

Fast Repair Of Broken Garage Door Torsion Springs

When a torsion spring is broken, you don’t have to deal with it for long. When you call our Twin Cities garage door company, we will immediately come to you so that you don’t have to worry longer than you have to. Our same-day repair service allows us to quickly fix unexpected garage door spring issues so you can get back to your normal routine and so you aren’t tempted to manually lift the heavy door.

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Garage door spring may seem simple, but they are important components of the overall operation of your garage doors. Without them, the doors can’t operate safely or at all. If you have noticed that your springs look strange or they are broken, it may be time to have them repaired or replaced. To learn more about our garage door spring services, call us at 651-702-1420 or complete our contact form to request a free estimate.