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Garage Door Repairs

By calling 651-702-1420  your Minneapolis and St. Paul garage door repairs, you are restoring the full use of your garage and also restoring security.

Garage doors and their components can break, especially as they age. A door can also sustain sudden damage due to impact.

Whether the door isn’t moving properly or a panel was damaged, the problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible. This is why AA Garage Doors provides you with same-day service that will fix the problem and get your door back in good working order in no time.

Fast Same-Day Garage Door Repair

As soon as you notice something is wrong with your garage door, it is important to immediately make the call. That way we can make sure everything is back to good working order. It doesn’t even matter if we weren’t the installers of the door. If you have an issue, we can do what is needed to fix it. The types of repairs that we can do include:

  • Spring repair
  • Cable repair
  • Track repair
  • Clopay Garage Doors
  • Panel replacement
  • Remote control and transmitter replacement
  • Garage door opener repair and replacement

If the door is compromised in any way, we have the tools and expertise to perform the repair.

A Strong Commitment To The Customer

AA Garage Door offers fast and thorough repair services because of our commitment to our customers throughout the Twin Cities. Your garage door is more than an access point; it is a method of security for your vehicle and home. If there is a problem, we want to eliminate the stress that is brought on by a damaged or inoperable door by making the process as smooth as possible for you. You won’t have to worry about the risks that come with a compromised door and you won’t even have to necessarily replace the door in cases where only individual components can be repaired or replaced by our professional Minneapolis and St. Paul garage door repair service.

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Garage Door Repair on Springs
Broken garage door spring call us at 651-702-1420

A garage door that is not functioning properly is a garage door that could become a safety and security hazard. The problem can also become more expensive if the door is operated while damaged. If your garage door needs to be repaired, AA Garage Doors can perform the repair immediately. To learn more about our garage door repair and installation services, call us at 651-702-1420 or complete our contact form to request a free consultation.

garage door repairs
Damage is just one reason why you might want a new garage door