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There are many practical garage uses for you and your family,from cars to home cinema

If your garage is a mess, full of things you didn’t know you still had, and you’re always complaining about it, then perhaps now is the time to do something about it and think of all the practical garage uses.

Here are our top 10 practical uses for your garage

1. Car storage

It’s what garages were designed for, but they seem to attract all the other things that have nowhere to live in our homes.

Perhaps you’ll want to restore a classic, save on mechanics bills by working on your car yourself, or just be able to open the doors without knocking a bike over.

Why not clear your garage so that you have a place to store and work on your car if you need to.

2. Sporting equipment

Sporting equipment like bikes, weights benches and rowing machines, tend to be bulky, so you could make sure it has its own place in your garage.

Why not make your own gym at home and save on gym fees?

3. Work things / stock

If you’re a travelling salesperson who needs to store stock or samples in your garage, then why not make them easier to get to?

Perhaps you need certain equipment or tools for your job, and you can’t easily get to them because of the other clutter in your garage.

Why not make your time in your garage before work or after work easier?

4. Leisure equipment

We all have good intentions to spend our leisure time wisely, so whilst we though the boat, tennis rackets, and tents would be used often, the chances are they aren’t.

Why not make them easier to get to, so that you can play tennis, spend the weekend camping or go fishing when you want to.

5. Office space

If you’re able to work from home, then perhaps you’re always interrupted by the children, or distracted by having to do other jobs around the house.

Why not make your garage your office space, so you can feel like you’re at work without leaving your home.

6. Workshop

If you’re a practical person, then perhaps you enjoy making or fixing things. By making the space for the machines and tools you need you could perhaps turn your hobby into your job.

Why not see what you can make when you have everything you need where you need it?

7. Workspace

If you enjoy things like crafting, knitting or painting, you could dedicate your garage space to your hobby if you can’t spare the space in your home.

Why not spend more time doing your hobby, and less time looking for what you need?

8. Kids stuff

Perhaps your kids have a huge amount of toys and games, or always seem to be under your feet. Instead of getting annoyed with them, you could help them.

Why not see if they want to make more of the garage to give them a bit of freedom and independence too?

9. Band practice area

If you or your children play a musical instrument, then there might not be the chance, space or time to play often.

Why not set your garage up so that you or they can play more often?

10 Living space

If you’re short of space in your home, or want to give a teenager a bit of independence, or want somewhere to get away from everyone else, then you could convert your garage into living space.

Why not add another front room to your home without having to move?


There are lots of options for your garage, whether you want to play your guitar more often, or work on your classic car.

By investing a bit of time and maybe some money, you can make your garage work for you.

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