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Find out what to do if your garage door isn’t working properly.

If you’re just starting to use your garage more because the weather has improved, and you’ve noticed your garage door isn’t working properly, then here are just some of the common reasons.

1. Remote control needs new batteries

If you haven’t replaced the batteries recently, then this is where to start. Remember to use branded batteries, as recommended by the manufacturer.

2. Photo eye is out of alignment

If your garage door closes then opens again, or just won’t open, then it could be that the photo eye sensor is dirty or out of alignment, which is preventing the door from closing properly.

3. Track is out of alignment

If you can see that there are gaps or bends in the rails, then the track is probably out of alignment, which means your garage door won’t open or close properly.

4. Garage door is opening or closing randomly

If your garage door is opening or closing randomly, then the chances are there is something resting on the transmitter.

Has it fallen onto the floor of your car, or driveway, or is it in your pocket being pressed by your phone or wallet?

Potentially, a neighbor could be on same frequency; and by opening and closing their door, they’re operating your door too.

5. Garage door opens part way then reverses

If your garage door opens part way then stops, it could be that that it’s hitting or resting on something.

There is a safety mechanism to prevent the door from crushing people, so check to ensure that debris, tools, toys or anything else is not preventing the door from shutting.

6. Garage door won’t open

If your garage door simply won’t open, then it might be due to the torsion springs. These do all the heavy lifting, and will eventually wear out or break.

7. Garage door opens then closes

If your garage door opens and immediately closes, it could be due to the limit settings on the opener.

You’ll need to refer to the manual to see what the settings should be, and adjust as necessary.

8. Opener runs but doesn’t move the garage door

If the opener works but doesn’t move the garage door, then you’ll need to check to ensure that the disconnect switch isn’t unhooked.

You may need to refer to the manual to see how to do this, and how to attach it again.

9. Runs for a few seconds then stops

If your garage door runs for a few seconds then stops, you’ll want to check for obstacles , or that springs aren’t damaged.

10. Closes very quickly

If your garage door closes very quickly, then you might have a broken spring or cable. This will need replacing by a professional if you don’t want to do it yourself.


Now you know some of the common reasons why your garage door isn’t working properly, and that most of the problems are easy to fix.

If you’re not confident you can fix your garage door yourself, why not leave it to the experts?

AA Garage Door covers Minneapolis, St Paul, and the whole of the Twin Cities region, and offers a same day service.

Why not call 651-702-1420 now to tell us how we can help you get your garage door working again.

3 thoughts on “10 Reasons Your Garage Door Isn’t Working Properly

  1. I just moved into a new home, but my husband and I just discovered that our garage door isn’t working properly. As you described in your article, it is opening but then closes after going part way. We followed your suggestion about making sure nothing was blocking the door from closing. We’re going to call someone to come by and repair our garage door.

  2. My garage door hasn’t been opening and closing like it should be. Thank you for letting me now that is probably because of my torsion springs being warn out. I’ll need to find a service to help me replace these springs so my garage door works properly again. Hopefully the company can replace my garage door if replacing the springs doesn’t work.

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