3 Garage Door Repairs best for the Professionals

For many people, their garage is more than a convenient place to park their car—it’s a storage space, a work area, a home-gym, and even the most commonly used entrance to their home. The garage door itself keeps everything inside the garage safe, and when it breaks, it can be a real nuisance. Getting the door repaired quickly keeps your home safe and allows your family to keep up with their busy schedules. Even if you like to tackle home improvement projects yourself, there are some repairs best left to the professionals for your safety.

Garage Door Repair Problems Only a Pro Should Handle

1. The Door Won’t Open or Close

Garage door St. Paul MNModern garage doors have sensors that detect objects in the door’s path. While obvious obstructions, like a child’s toy or a fallen bike, can easily be removed, the door still may not close. If the pathway is clear and the door won’t close, it could be due to a problem with the motor, which must be repaired by an experienced professional under the terms of your product warranty.

2. You Hear Grinding or Loud Noises

Garage doors are inherently noisy, but it you notice an increase in noise, it’s time to call a professional. It may be due to a broken spring, a roller that’s gone off the track, or even a dent in the track itself. A garage door repair expert will be able to identify and fix the problem quickly, so you can stop covering your years every time you open and close the door.

3. There’s a Broken Spring

Many garage doors move up and down with the help of torsion springs. These springs are always under high tension, and when they snap, they can keep the door from functioning correctly. Installing a replacement spring is dangerous and should always be left to a professional who has the proper safety gear and training to handle the job.


Whether you’ve noticed any of these problems or want to schedule routine garage door maintenance, the experts at AA Garage Door in St. Paul, MN, can help. Their team is dedicated to providing high-quality and affordable service quickly, so your life can get back to normal. Call (651) 702-1420 or visit their website to get your free repair estimate today.

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  3. Springs are the most important part of garage doors. If the spring calls off then that’s when you need to call up a professional for help. Thanks for sharing the article it was very informative. Keep posting.

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  6. Since garage doors are expensive its repairs are complicated and requires sevices of a professsional rather than home owners doing it themselves. These 3 are great examples of what home owners must not attempt themselves and call a professional immediately.

  7. It’s great that you elaborated on broken springs and how they can keep the door from functioning correctly. I’m always nervous when my garage door makes noises, I would hate to deal with anything serious. I’m grateful for your advice garage door repair!

  8. My wife and I noticed that our garage door has been making a lot of noise when shutting. I had no idea that this could mean it’s coming off the track. We might need to have an expert look at it for us so it doesn’t break.

  9. My husband and I haven’t been able to get our garage door to shut. Thank you for suggesting that this could be an issue with the motor of the door. We need to get this fixed as soon as possible so I’ll have to look into finding the best garage repair company in my area.

  10. That’s good to know that if there is nothing in the way of the sensor and the garage door won’t close that there’s probably a problem with the motor. My garage door just got stuck and I can’t get it to close even though I made sure nothing was blocking the sensor. I’ll have to call a garage door professional that can come look at it and repair it so I can close the door again so my car can remain safe.

  11. My garage door isn’t closing and I have checked multiple times and nothing is int he way. Thank you for suggesting that this may be due to the motor. I’ll have to look into finding the best garage door repair company in the area to come and get this fixed for me.

  12. Such a useful tip you have written in this blog, it will be needed by so many. In this blog you have the best ideas for garage door repairs best for the professionals. So keep sharing such kind of information.

  13. I like that you mentioned the high tension that these garage door springs are under. If they are acting different, there is always a change they could snap. You don’t want to be anywhere near when this happens. This is why it is best to hire someone.

  14. Thanks for explaining when a garage door should be repaired by a professional. I’m glad you mentioned that a grinding noise, especially one that has gotten louder over time, should be examined because it could be a broken spring. I’m kind of interested to know if you should also tell the professional when you began to notice the noise, in case it could affect the amount of repair work that needs to be done.

  15. That’s good to know that loud noises could be caused by a broken spring, a roller that’s off track, or a dent in the track. My garage door started to make a grinding noise yesterday, so I’m looking up what the cause could be. I’ll have to hire a professional to come look at it to see which thing is causing it so I can have it fixed before anything major breaks.

  16. My garage has been making loud grinding noises when opening and closing lately like you mentioned. I had no idea that this could be a problem with the roller and track or a broken spring. I’ll definitely get this checked out by a professional soon before the damage gets worse. Thanks!

  17. My husband and I can’t get our garage door to close no matter what we do. Thank you for pointing out that this may be an issue with the motor and we should call in professionals. I’ll have to look into finding the best garage door repair company in my area.

  18. You’ve got great tips for when to hire a garage door repair company. I like how you said that it’s important to hire one when you hear noises. Our tracks are probably off kilter, so I’ll find a professional to help fix that. I don’t dare fix that myself.

  19. That’s good to know that a broken spring, an off-track roller, or a dent in the track can cause your garage to make grinding noises. My garage makes this high pitched squeal when I open and close it, so I’m trying to figure out what the cause is. I’ll have to find a garage door repair service I can hire to check it out to see if one of these are the cause of if the motor needs to be repaired so I can stop the noise.

  20. My dad accidentally bumped into our garage door while he was trying to park his car in. It was explained here that it will be best to call the professionals when the garage door spring is broken or it’s not opening or closing. Having said that, it’s recommended to hire trusted professionals for quality garage door repairs.

  21. That’s good to know that if your garage door won’t open or close that you should call a professional. My garage won’t open so I can’t park inside, so I’m trying to figure out what to do. I’ll have to find a garage door repair service I can contact so I can have them come fix it.

  22. I have been hearing a grinding noise when opening and closing my garage lately. I had no idea that this could be due to a broken spring. I’ll have to find an expert to take a look at it for me.

  23. I love that you mentioned that professionals will be able to repair the noise as quickly as possible which saves you from being irritated a lot. I guess I have to hire one tomorrow to have this done. We just have that noise every time we open and close the garage door, and it is waking those who are sleeping whenever I go to work at dawn.

  24. Our garage door is not opening and we will have a garage door repair service come out to work on the door. I think that the spring is broken so I would not be able to fix it. Before reading this article, I did not know that the garage doors are always under pressure for the springs.

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