If you are a keen DIYer and your garage door is malfunctioning, you may be tempted to save some money by trying to fix the problem yourself. If you just need to seal a crack in the door itself, or if some of the rollers fitted to the door’s floor tracks need to be replaced, an experienced DIYer can often rectify these problems quickly and easily.

However, if your garage door has problems because of damaged or broken springs, you should always call in a professional garage door repair service to replace them. Attempting to replace malfunctioning garage door springs yourself can be both difficult and surprisingly dangerous. Here are three reasons why the professionals should always handle problems with garage door springs.

Putting Safety First

Both torsion and extension-type garage door springs use tension to reduce the amount of force necessary to open and close a heavy garage door. A steel or timber door fitted to a multi-car garage can easily weigh several hundred pounds, so fully functioning springs are usually required even if your door is fitted with a powerful, automated door opener.

To perform their function and take some of the strain out of operating your garage door, both types of garage door spring are held under constant tension. If a spring breaks or becomes loosened from its housings while you remove or adjust it, this tension releases with a tremendous amount of force.

When this occurs, loosened springs and sections of broken spring can fly across the garage and become embedded in nearby walls, ceilings — and people. Torsion springs, which are generally thicker and stronger than extension springs, are particularly notorious for causing serious injuries when their tension releases in an uncontrolled manner.

If your garage door is relatively new, it will almost certainly have safety cables designed to prevent uncontrolled tension releases. Unfortunately, when you replace a damaged or rusty spring, you usually need you to temporarily remove these cables. 

Removing and replacing a faulty garage door spring yourself is still possible, but if you make any mistakes, the results can be catastrophic. Consequently, it is always better to call in professional service personnel to perform this dangerous task for you.

Maintaining Balance

For garage door springs to work effectively, they must be adjusted to a specific tension. Too much tension, and the door may open in a rapid, violent manner. Too little tension, and the springs will not effectively bear the weight of the door, causing it to slam to the ground.

When replacement springs are fitted to a garage door, they must be properly balanced before the door is safe to use. To safely balance the new springs, you will need C-clamps, winding bars, and other specialized pieces of equipment. You will also need to remove the spring safety cables, and if the springs are above the door, the entire complicated process must be performed from the top of a ladder.

Balancing a new garage door spring yourself can be a difficult and time-consuming process, especially if you lack the proper equipment or aren’t comfortable working at heights for extended periods. If your garage door repair service replaces your springs, they will balance the springs for you, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Getting the Right Spring

Replacement springs must be carefully chosen to suit the needs of the door they are fitted to. While some garage door springs are color-coded to make selection easier, you will still need to pick springs with the right wire size, diameter, and winding direction for the door to work effectively. 

With so many measurements to take and so many different types of spring available, picking the right replacement spring can be a challenge. Professional repair services have the knowledge and experience needed to accurately select the perfect springs for your door.

If your garage door needs new torsion or extension springs, professional replacement is faster, easier, and most importantly, safer. Contact the experts at AA Garage Door for more advice.

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