If you are in the process of making your home smart, you don’t want to forget about your garage. Installing a smart garage-door opener will do more than open and close your garage doors. Understanding what makes it smart and how it works is the first step to realizing all of the benefits it comes with.

What Is a Smart Garage-Door Opener?

A smart garage-door opener is a remote control that connects to your Wi-Fi network. This connection allows the opener and sensor in your garage to transfer information to your smartphone or computer app. The connection and information provided allow you to control your garage doors at all times.

How Does a Smart Garage-Door Opener Work?

For your garage doors to become smart, the sensor must be able to access your Wi-Fi. You will need a strong internet signal that reaches your garage. A strong internet signal can sometimes pose an issue when your garage and home are not connected.

Smart garage-door systems come in two forms. One choice is add-on components that are compatible with your existing motorized garage door. The add-on accessories work with both belt and chain-drive systems. Add-on kits generally include a control and sensor that attaches to your garage door. This sensor transmits the status of your garage door to your downloadable app. 

The other choice is a complete smart system that includes the door motor, rails, transmitters, and wall stations. Once installed, these too transmit the status of and control your garage doors. When purchasing a smart system, make sure it is compatible with the smart platform you are already using or planning on using in your home. 

What Are the Benefits of Smart Garage-Door Openers?

1. Smart openers are reasonably priced  With costs ranging from $40 for add-on components to more than $500 for a total packet, smart garage-door openers are a very low-cost way to integrate your garage into your smart home set-up.

2. Smart openers are safer — Older garage-door openers present security flaws. In many homes, if you can open the garage, you have access to a home’s side door. This easy access places your property and family at risk of danger. A smart garage-door opener will notify you every time your garage opens. Pair this with security cameras, and you will always know who is opening your garage door. 

Have you ever returned home and found out you accidentally left your garage door open all day? With a smart garage door, that is no longer a worry. Using your app, you will be able to monitor the status of your door at all times. 

3. Smart openers easily sync with the rest of your home’s automation — When you install a smart garage-door opener, you can sync the rest of your home’s smart features.

For example, when your garage door opens, you can have your smart thermostat bump up your heat or air, turn on your lights and music, and pre-heat your oven. When heading out, you no longer have to run around making sure you have turned everything off. When exiting your garage, your smart system does this for you.

4. Smart openers allow you to open your garage doors from wherever you are — Have you ever needed to receive a delivery when you could not be home? Your smart opener will allow you to do just that. You can open your garage, have your delivery placed inside, and close it back without needing to return home.

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