A garage door upgrade is one of the top home upgrades with a high return on the investment. If your old garage door malfunctions regularly, makes unusual sounds, takes time to open, or looks unsightly, a new door offers more convenience, safety, and appearance.

To get the best out of the home improvement project, discover some aspects to consider in a new garage door.

1. Safety

The size and bulk of a garage door make can make the appliance risky without sufficient safety features. When you buy a new garage door, consider safety features such as an automatic garage door opener, auto-reverse function, infrared motion sensor, and photo eye sensors. If you have kids or pets in your house, the extra safety features boost safety around the garage area.

2. Energy Efficiency

An old garage door can reduce energy efficiency in your home through heat loss or heat gain. For such a large appliance, the chance of gaps and cracks around the frame and the panels is high.

Heat loss or gain from the garage forces your HVAC system to work harder, and you will likely notice a surge in electric consumption. A new lightweight door is often easier to operate and does not consume much energy.

The U-value of a door shows the energy efficiency of the entire door system, while R-value highlights the efficiency of the insulation. Multi-layered doors offer better insulation for your garage. You can also choose materials such as wood and fiberglass for enhanced energy efficiency.

3. Low Maintenance

When you compare garage door systems on the market, consider the level of required maintenance. Garage doors face exposure to the elements all year round. Choose a door material that’s weather-resistant to reduce the cost of maintenance.

A material such as wood looks great but requires special care to stay in good condition. Wood is prone to water and pest damage and can rot, warp, or break. New technology in door manufacturing provides homeowners with alternatives to wood, such as engineered wood.

The faux pas wood manufactured materials mimic the texture and grain patterns of natural wood. If you want that classic look of wood without the high cost of maintenance, go for a low-maintenance garage door alternative.

4. Aesthetics

If you want to replace an aged door, go for an appliance that complements your home’s exterior décor. A garage door is a large appliance that affects the outlook of your home.

The color, design, or material style you choose should blend easily with the rest of your home. Garage door contractors can customize any product to suit your home’s architectural design.

5. Glazing

If you want to spruce up your garage, consider a glazed garage door to let in more light and add a touch of contemporary design to your home. Glazed windows allow in natural light and open up the garage space for multiple uses.

When you light up the garage at night, the glazed garage door adds an almost magical look to your home. Choose from a variety of glasses such as coated, clear, tinted float, laminated glass, and tempered glass. If you want a customized look for your garage, talk to your garage door contractor and choose the best glazed glass for the new door.

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