Most manually operated garage doors involve raising and lowering by hand whenever you want to access the garage, which is quite strenuous. Thanks to technological advancements, automation is now making our lives easier, including garage door operation.

With an automatic garage door, you can control the door movements without leaving your car. The garage door opens and closes at a push of a button. No more hoisting and shutting the door by hand. Here are more perks of an automatic garage door versus a manually operated one.

1. Convenience

An automatic garage door makes life much easier. No need to step into the scorching sun or the cold to open the garage. Automated garage doors have a remote control that allows you to move the garage door right from the vehicle. Since this option involves no manual operation, an automatic garage door is good for older people.

2. Energy

Garage door openers consume relatively minimal energy to run so that you won’t spend more on energy bills. This feature makes an automatic door cost-effective and quite eco-friendly. The latest models have much lower energy consumption.

Alternatively, you can go green and hook the garage door opener to a solar panel and enjoy even lower energy costs. Although you spend more to buy a modern model, the investment pays off in the long run due to the low energy bills. 

Since an automated door needs no human effort to operate, it’s a good pick if you have a sick family member or without the strength to open or close a manual garage door.

3. Security

With all the valuables stored in the garage, security is paramount. Lucky for you, an automatic garage offers more security than the manually operated doors and keeps your home, family, and possessions safe. When shopping for a garage door opener, check for openers with rolling codes that change every time you press the remote button. Only you can gain entry into the garage.

Also, check for Vacation mode, which keeps the garage shut when you leave the house for a long time. No one can open the garage during that time unless they open it from the inside. This means that burglars cannot access your garage even when armed with a code scanner.

If you are the forgetful type, some models feature a mode that automatically closes the garage door when you leave. Other models have built-in automatic lights that deter intruders and enhance visibility in low light conditions.

4. Safety

Garage doors are quite heavy and cause serious damage to your vehicle if anything goes wrong as you enter the garage. Even worse, you can get injured if anything goes wrong as you raise and lower it. Enter garage door openers. No more fear of getting hurt because the doors are electrical and can hardly crash down.

Automation makes the garage safe for pets and kids, and people with various medical conditions. An automatic door has features that make them safe to operate. For instance, the door has non-contact photo eye sensors that reverse direction upon sensing an obstacle.

Automatic garage doors can also be manually operated if there is a power outage. Just disconnect the door from the electronic system, and you are good to go.

5. Lighting

An assortment of heavy stuff fills the garage, so you must be careful as you navigate it. A well-lit garage is therefore essential so you can keep off anything that might harm you. Luckily, most garage door opener systems come with an integrated light for illuminating the garage.

This feature may not be a huge selling point, but it certainly does come in handy, especially during bad weather or low light conditions. You can find your way around the garage easily without banging your shin on things in the garage.

If you want to upgrade from a manually operated garage door to an automatic one, contact the experts at AA Garage Door, and we will help install a garage door opener for you.

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