Image or tidy garage with cables, lawnmowers and other items tidily stored
Using ceiling and wall storage can help you maximize your garage space

If you’re keen to maximize your garage space, but don’t know where to start when it comes to tidying up and organizing, then here’s what we suggest.

1. Ceiling Storage

Ceiling storage is a great way to keep the things you don’t need often, or seasonal items out of the way.

Perhaps you’ll keep your bikes up there in the winter or snow clearing things up there in the summer. Why not see what else you can put in boxes on racks attached to the ceiling?

2. Wall storage

Wall storage can be used for everything from tools to ladders and sports equipment.

Pegboards are an extremely versatile way of storing and accessing your items. You can reconfigure them easily when you need to as well.

3. Floor storage

You can utilize a combination of open racks, containers and boxes, and even old wardrobes to organize your garage.

Open racks are a great idea for things that you’ll need often. In addition, you and your family will be keen to keep them tidy as they are in plain sight.

Containers and boxes can be used in conjunction with racking systems to keep smaller items organized. If you need to keep winter clothes or skiwear in the garage, why not use simple low cost wardrobes?

4. Separate your garage into zones

Why not get even more organized and separate your garage into zones? You and your family know exactly where everything is all the time.

You could keep the kids’ things well away from your tools, or keep the car well away from the bikes to avoid damage.

5. Half and half

If your garage is big enough, why not use half of it for your car and the other half for something else?

Perhaps you’ve always wanted a home theater, gym, a playroom for the kids, as well as a car workshop.

Well now you can.


When you’ve got your garaged organized and working for you, you’ll want to make sure that your garage door works properly.

Why not get your garage door serviced by the professionals?

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