10 signs you need a replacement garage door

Image of Clopay Canyon Ridge Garage doors fitted to a house
It might not be obvious when you need a replacement garage door

If you’re not happy with your garage door, then perhaps you need a replacement garage door.

Here are 10 signs that you need a replacement garage door.

1. Obvious damage

Perhaps somebody has driven into your garage door, or it’s been damaged by bikes or balls or has seen better days and is just falling apart.

Now is a good time to replace it.

2. Doesn’t open or shut properly

If your garage door doesn’t open or close properly, then it might make more sense to get a replacement garage door than repair it.

It may be more cost effective to buy a replacement garage door than to get your garage door serviced.

3. Affected by weather

Perhaps your garage door has been badly affected by storms, or extreme heat or cold.

Perhaps it doesn’t fit as well as it used to, or it now leaks.

Why not see what a replacement garage door could do for your home?

4. Doesn’t meet your needs anymore

Your existing garage door might not meet your needs any more if your family has grown, or your children have left home, or you’ve got a classic car or a boat you want to keep in the garage.

If you now have a boat that you want to keep in the garage, perhaps you can’t get it in because your garage door opener is in the way.  A new garage door and garage door opener could keep your pride and joy safe and protected from the elements.

If your children have left home, then perhaps you can keep all of your cars in the garage now there’s no bikes or sports equipment in the way.

A replacement garage door could make life much easier for you.

5. Used by the whole family

Maybe your garage is used by the whole family know, Perhaps you want several individual garage doors rather than a single huge one, so that the children can get their bikes out without lifting a big heavy door.

6. Different use for your garage

If you’re thinking about different uses for your garage, such as turning it into a home cinema, or games room, or you simply want to spend your retirement restoring a classic car, then you might benefit from a new garage door.

Your replacement garage door could provide more light, more security, or keep your garage warmer.

7. Different material

What was an appropriate garage door material previously may not be now.

Perhaps you’re fed up with a big heavy wooden door that needs regular painting, and want a lighter metal door.

8. Security

Perhaps you know that your garage door isn’t as secure as it should be.

Maybe you’re keeping valuable or expensive items in your garage and want to keep them away from prying eyes to make sure that they stay there.

9. Old and less effective or efficient than a new door

Maybe you’ve lived in your home for decades and have never replaced your garage door.

Perhaps you want to make your garage warmer, or add windows to your garage, so you can spend more time in there.

A new garage door could provide more insulation and save on heating costs, whether you’re fixing something, watching movies, adding an extra bedroom or giving the kids their own space.

10. Doesn’t fit with your home aesthetic

If you’ve recently moved house, then perhaps the garage door isn’t to your taste.

Whilst you’re making the rest of your new home perfect, why not think about a replacement garage door too?

You can have the exact style of garage door you want, and material you’ve always wanted, whether it’s wooden swing out garage doors, or ornate bifold doors.

After all, you’ll probably use your garage door a lot more than a guest bedroom.


A replacement garage door might make a lot of sense if you’re currently struggling to open it, or know that you can’t spend time in there because it’s too cold.

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10 Tips to improve your Garage Security

Image of a potential criminal with a crowbar at night illuminated by car headlights.
Garage Security is essential to protect your family, home and possessions

If you’re worried about home security, then you ensure that your home is locked when you’re not there, you close windows, and ensure that there is nothing to tempt opportunist thieves. So what about your garage security? Are you as vigilant?

Here’s our advice.

1. Close your garage door

Keeping your garage door closed is a good idea, so that people don’t know what you keep in there. You can install an automatic garage door opener to do it for you.

Alternatively, you can get get a sensor and monitor it yourself.

2. Out of sight

Ensuring your valuables and other easy to steal items are away from the entrance will deter thieves.

If they can’t see anything worth stealing, they probably won’t bother trying to break in, so remind you children, and everybody else who uses the garage to keep it tidy.

3. Look your service door

Keep your service door, the door between your home and your garage, locked. This means that people won’t get into your home, even if they get into the garage.

Remember to upgrade your locks if necessary. If they are old, or don’t work properly, they might not give you the protection you need.

4. Surveillance

By installing additional technology, such as motion detector lighting and video cameras you can be more aware of what happens around your garage.

Cameras are so cheap now that you can get the coverage you need without breaking the bank.

5. Cover windows

If you have windows in your garage door, then you’ll want to keep them covered when your garage door is not in use, so that people can’t peer in and see what’s inside.

Again, remind everyone who uses the garage to do this.

6. Park closer

If you don’t use your garage for storing your cars, park close to your garage door.

This means that the door can’t be forced open from either inside or outside.

7. Automatic garage door opener

One of the many benefits of an automatic garage door opener is that it can help make it safer and more secure for you when using your garage.

By choosing a garage door opener with an automatic close facility, you can’t leave your garage door open.

8. Maintenance

You’ll need to make sure that your garage door and opener work properly. There’s no point in having additional garage security, if your door doesn’t shut properly, or doesn’t always lock.

Getting your garage door serviced regularly is highly recommended.

9. Replace if damaged

It goes without saying, but if your garage door or opener is broken, get it replaced as soon as possible. Don’t leave it, or it may get worse, making your home less secure and more vulnerable.

You can get a Free Estimate so you know what’s involved and what it’s likely to cost.

10. Experts

If you want more information about making your garage more secure, then why not speak to a home security expert?

They’ll be able to tell you all you need to know, and make recommendations to help keep you and your family safe.


Your garage contains your most expensive items like your cars or boat, as well as your tools, stock for work, and the kids’ toys. You’ll want to keep it safe and secure.

If you use your garage for something else other than your car, like a play room, home cinema, or workshop, then safety and garage security is also really important.

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