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Garage door safety is paramount for you and your family

We talk a lot about making more of your garage, and garage door maintenance, but what about garage door safety?

If you’ve got small children, or pets then you’ll want to make sure that your garage and your garage door is as safe as possible.

Here’s what we recommend

1. Garage doors are not toys

Whilst it may seem obvious, garage doors are not toys, and shouldn’t be played with. They are heavy and the springs are under a lot of tension.

2. Garage doors are not for children

Garage doors are not for children, and they should not be encouraged to open and close the garage door by themselves.

Make sure that they are supervised whenever they use the garage door, and that they know about the rest of the garage door safety recommendations.

3. Keep the remote controls away from children

Remember to keep the remote controls for your garage door opener away from children.

Whilst you might let them open or close the garage under supervision, it’s not a good idea to let them use the remote controls by themselves.

4. Never walk or stand under a garage door in motion

It might be tempting to try and get in or out a bit quicker to save time or to get out of the bad weather, but you should never walk or stand under a garage door that it is in motion.

5. Keep hands and feet away from moving parts

Remember to keep your hands and feet, and any loose items of clothing or long hair away from the moving parts of your garage door.

It only takes a sudden gust of wind, or to be distracted, and you or your child could be tangled up in the mechanism.

6. Watch the garage door when opening or closing it

If you can’t see your garage door, you can’t see what’s going on. It only takes a second for a pet or a child to get in the way.

Also, remember that if your children have a habit of leaving their bikes and other toys near the garage door, you won’t see them if you can’t see your garage door.

7. Maintain your garage door

Looking after your garage door will ensure that it is in working condition, and that you spot any damage or wear before it becomes a problem, and your door won’t open or close properly.

8. There is a risk of electric shock

If you’ve got an automatic garage door opener, then you’ll know that it uses electricity.

Making sure that you protect yourself and your family from electric shock is of paramount importance.

If the casing is damaged, or there are exposed or damaged wires, get it fixed properly straight away.

9. Damage

If your door is damaged perhaps due to bad weather, or a car driving into it, then get it fixed straight away to avoid further damage.

10. Get the professionals in

If you’re not comfortable and confident about fixing your garage door, or repairing your automatic door opener, then don’t even try.

Get the professionals in.


Now you know more about garage door safety, and what you can and can’t do yourself, why not get your garage door serviced or a Free Estimate, and make sure that you, your family and your home are safe?

Call 651-702-1420 now and tell us how we can help you.

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