Your door is plain, outdated, or has obvious signs of wear. That means it’s time for an update. However, you’re not sure which door to choose. Before you invest in a new model, take a look at what you need to know to stay on-trend and select a door with a contemporary exterior aesthetic.

Should You Go in a Modern Direction?

Your current garage door is an old-fashioned carriage-style model. The door is elegant and has a classic feel. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t consider it trendy. How can you upgrade this type of garage to match current trends?

If modern is your idea of trend-forward, you may need to change your entire garage door style. Instead of a classic or traditional door, consider an industrial, contemporary design with glass and steel, or a sleek style that features wooden planks and panels.

As you go through the design process, look for doors with minimalist modern styles. These contemporary choices won’t include ornate designs, heavy patterns, or elaborate hardware accents.

Are Traditional Doors Trendy?

The answer to this question is yes — and no. Again, a carriage-style door may look outdated if you prefer a trendy modern style. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the door itself is outdated or that you can’t upgrade to a stylish carriage-house model. 

Trends aren’t always contemporary. Some trends take a step back to an older style, are nostalgic, or just have a vintage feel. A carriage-style door is a prime example of how this works. These doors look like the front of a centuries-old carriage house (as the name implies). This creates a traditional or old-fashioned aesthetic.

Even though the doors don’t feature a modern type of decor, they are often (depending on the time and popularity of certain styles) completely on-trend. Today’s trendy carriage doors are shabby-chic or farmhouse-chic styles that combine a traditional aesthetic with modern materials and full functionality. So, if your home already has a classic or old-world exterior, a carriage-house door can follow the trends. 

Are There Trendy Materials?

Garage doors are available in an array of material options. These include steel, aluminum, wood, wood composite, fiberglass, and glass. A steel door has an ultra-contemporary industrial look that closely follows a trend towards a modern aesthetic. However, this doesn’t mean you need to choose this type of minimalist material. 

Sustainability is another current trend that you can use in your garage door design plan. Think green and choose eco-friendly materials and finishes. Ask your garage door dealer where the wood is sourced (if you choose a wooden model) or what the energy-efficiency rating is for a steel or aluminum door. 

Should You Choose a Trendy Color?

The overall style of the door is only one part of the trend-setting equation. Along with the shape, design, and material makeup, you also need to select a trendy color. 

What colors are on-trend right now? The 2022 color of the year is a blue-violet, deep periwinkle hue. While this color isn’t ideal for every home, you can use a muted blue or a maroon shade to accent your door. These colors are in line with the popular periwinkle trend — but provide additional options. 

If a bluish hue isn’t for you, consider a modern neutral or a stained wood door. These color choices are classics and always part of current trends. For example, greige is a very popular neutral color that blurs the line between gray and beige hues.

Are you ready to replace your old or outdated garage door with a stylish, trendy model? Contact AA Garage Door for more information on your options and installation. 

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