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You’ll need to decide what you want and need before asking how much does a new garage door cost

At AA Garage Door, one of the most asked questions is “how much does a new garage door cost?”

The answer is dull, boring and predictable.

It depends.

There are a lot of variables, and things that you’ll need to decide before you can even get a ballpark estimate for a new garage door cost.

Here’s what you need to think about before asking how much does a new garage door cost.

1. What type of garage door do you want?

Knowing what type of garage door you want will help.

Do you want a folding garage door? A simple steel garage door? A high security insulated garage door?

2. What material is your new garage door made from?

Knowing what material you want your new garage door to be made from will help to determine the cost.

Do you want steel, wood or fibreglass? The right material will depend on your needs and your taste.

3. What size of garage door do you need?

Knowing the size of your garage door will help too.

Do you have a standard garage door size? Do you want individual garage doors rather than a single large one?

4. Are you fitting it yourself?

Knowing whether you will fit your new garage door your self will help to determine the cost too.

If you’re confident you know what you’re doing and can install a garage door to the same standards as trained professionals then you could save some money.

However, getting the professionals to do it makes sense to most people.

5. Does it need to be insulated and energy saving?

Knowing whether you want an insulated and energy saving garage door or not will be a factor in your new garage door cost.

If you’re spending a lot of time in your garage then you’ll want to be warm there in the colder months.

6. Will you need an automatic garage door opener

Knowing whether you want an automatic garage door opener or not will also make a difference to your garage door cost.

7. What style and color are you looking for?

Knowing what sort of style and color you want will help to determine your garage door cost too.

Do you want something traditional and simple? Do you want something more colorful and modern looking?

8. Maintenance

Knowing whether you want a new garage door that’s easy to look after yourself, or you’re prepared to pay for someone to come out and perform the maintenance tasks will help to determine your garage door cost.

If you’re not the DIY type, or have a busy life, then perhaps you‘re willing to let the professionals keep your garage door working properly.

9. How often will it be used?

Knowing how often your new garage door will be used will help to determine how much you want to spend on it, and so what your garage door will cost you.

Will you and your family use it several times a day, or just a few times a month?

10. Is everything included?

Knowing whether everything is including will enable you to compare quotes from different garage door suppliers.

You don’t want to choose the cheapest quote only to discover it doesn’t include installation, new tracks, or fasteners.


With so many things to think about, this is why you can’t expect a garage door company to be able to give you a price immediately unless you know what you need.

Now you know what to look for, you’ll be better prepared to understand your new garage door cost, and make sure you get exactly what you need.

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  1. I like your advice about the importance of knowing what sort of style and color you want. Working with an experienced contractor is a great move when it comes to installing a new garage door. If I were to install a new garage door on my property, I would make sure to work with a contractor in my area that is both licensed and insured.

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