Are you ready to replace your garage door? Do you want an on-trend style that highlights your home? But are you not sure if this year’s trendy pick will seem out-of-date 12 months from now? Before you invest in a new garage door, take a look at the do’s and don’ts of following exterior home design trends.

Do Understand the Basics

Trends introduce new ideas or bring back updated versions of older design concepts. But this doesn’t mean you won’t need to know the basics of garage door style and design. Even though you always have new accents, add-ons, color palettes, and other stylistic elements that appear year after year, the basic garage door types you will need to choose from include:

  • Carriage-house style. A carriage door has an old-world feel. As the name implies, this style is reminiscent of the doors on a historic carriage house. These doors often have a faux division at the center to mimic a double-door look, raised wood panels, and heavy hardware.
  • Raised-panel style. These doors have elevated square or rectangle-shaped panels. Some raised panel doors have a row of glass windows at the top, while others are completely solid.
  • Slab style. A slab door is one piece or panel. Instead of a multi-piece hinged style, this type of door will raise and lower as a single unit. 
  • Glass door style. While you can add windows to almost any style of door, this option is primarily glass panes. These doors have a grid or scaffolding of another material to hold the glass panels in place.

Raised-panel and slab doors offer the highest level of customization. Different materials, panel depths, overlays, hardware, glass add-ons, and colors can transform these plain doors into trendy designer options. Carriage and glass doors don’t provide the same level of customization choices — making them trendy at some points and out of style at others.

Don’t Go Fully On-Trend

Some trends are seasonal or annual. This means while they’re popular right now, they will often look dated in months or next year. The same is true for trendy types of materials, shapes, accents, hardware, and overall designs.

Even though you might want to go full-force with a trend, consider:

  • The timing of the popularity. Some trends have a short shelf life, while others may remain popular for years or even decades. Give the trend some time before you invest in it. If it has a track record of months or years, you could think of it as more than just a passing fad.
  • Whether a partial option is a better choice. You have ways to follow a trend without committing to an obvious fad. Choose one element of the trend, such as a material or shape — or select a neutral or more subdued version of a popular color. 
  • Your personal style. Does the trend clash with your personal style? Even though it may have extreme popularity right now, you may prefer another look. You can choose a garage door that you love over one that’s trendy.

Along with your personal style, think about the overall look of your home’s exterior. A trendy modern garage door will often clash with a traditional or classic aesthetic — and vice-versa.

Do Learn More About the Trend

A garage door is an investment. Unlike a wreath, mailbox, or potted plant, this home improvement pick is not something that you can easily switch out. This makes it important to learn more about a trend before you incorporate it into your garage door upgrade.

A garage door could have a life expectancy of 20 to 25 years, according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI). You don’t want to choose a trend that won’t stand up to your new door’s lifespan.

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