Are you a first-time garage door buyer? Before you pick a product, take a look at the top factors to consider in a new door.

Is the Garage Door Secure?

Like the front door, the garage door is an easy way to enter your home. It’s also an easy way for almost anyone to get into your home—unless you secure it properly. Garage door security is a priority for most homeowners. If you want to keep your home, belongings, and family safe, discuss the security features of each potential garage door with a qualified contractor.

To maximize security, a garage door should:

  • Fit correctly. A would-be burglar can wedge a slim wire or tool through a gap in an ill-fitting door and probe for the garage’s release. This makes proper fit essential. As you explore doors, ask the contractor which models will fit your garage opening space perfectly.
  • Have additional security features. Some automatic openers come with additional security features to lock other people out. If you plan to replace the opener when you buy a door, discuss the opener options and extra safety features available.
  • Use new technology. Your new door should come with the option to connect to new technology. Smart systems and doors that don’t use traditional remote openers can reduce the risks related to code grabbers (stealing your remote’s code to open the door).

Along with these considerations, a thick door made from steel or a similar material can add an extra sense of security for your home.

Is the Garage Door Insulated?

Most garage spaces aren’t well insulated and don’t have heating or cooling systems. If the ducts in your home don’t go into the garage, your door is a first-line way to prevent heating and cooling loss. Even though your garage will experience some degree of heating/cooling loss every time you open it, a well-insulated door can minimize the risks and increase your home’s energy efficiency.

What should you look for in an insulated garage door? As you explore doors, look for:

  • Included insulation. Even though you can add insulation, it can break or splinter off when your garage door bends and opens. Instead of adding insulation to a flimsy door after the contractor installs it, consider one that comes with this internal layer of protection.
  • Thick panels. A seemingly strong door that has minimal filling covered in veneer may not insulate your garage well.
  • Highquality materials. Low quality materials may provide minimal protection against the elements. Talk to the garage door contractor about the best materials (and best doors) to maximize energy efficiency and keep heat/cooled air indoors.

If you have concerns about the price of a high-quality well-insulated garage door, the contractor can help you to better understand your options. Insulated garage doors are available in a variety of materials and price points.

Is the Garage Door What You Want?

What do you want in a garage door? Even though price is often a guiding factor, your search should extend past a home improvement budget. As you work through the selection process, consider:

  • Your preferences. Do you prefer one material over another? If you like the look of a specific type of material (such as wood or steel), stay within the category during your search. Along with material, color, style, and shape are other aspects of the door to think about.
  • Your budget. Don’t break your home improvement budget on a pricey door you can’t afford. A qualified garage door contractor can help you to find a model in your price range.
  • The technical options. Do you want a smart system or another type of technology? The door and its opener should match your technical needs.

A garage door is an investment. If you don’t feel comfortable with the first door you select, explore all your options before you choose one for your home.

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