Which garage door contractor is the right choice for your home improvement needs? Are you ready to replace your garage door — but are not sure which professional to call? If this is your first experience with a garage door upgrade, take a look at the top reasons to choose one company over another.

The Company Employs Technicians

This may seem more like an obvious assumption than a specific reason to choose a garage door company. But not every contractor employs their own technicians. Some companies hire outside contractors to complete installation or repair jobs.

While an independent contractor may have the knowledge, skill, experience, and training necessary to correctly install a garage door, they may not have the loyalty to the company that an employee would have.

Loyalty to a company can show the pride an employee takes in their job. This also may increase the continuity of service.

If your garage door requires maintenance a month or a year from now, the independent contract worker who completed the original installation likely will not provide this service. Instead, you would get another technician who is not familiar with your door. But if the company has regular employees, you can possibly ask for the same tech each time.

The Company Carries the Brand You Want

Garage doors are not all the same. Not only do doors vary in style, color, and price, but they are also made by different manufacturers. While some homeowners do not have a brand preference, others already have a manufacturer in mind. Even though you may not know which brand you should choose for your first garage door purchase, you may have decided on a specific style.

If only some manufacturers make the style of door that you want, you will need to work with a contractor that carries the brand. Before you select a garage door company, ask the contractor which brands they carry. Along with doors, talk to the contractor about automatic opener brands. Your garage door upgrade may not work with the existing opener — or the opener could have significant wear.

The Company Offers a Labor Guarantee

Most garage door manufacturers offer a parts warranty. The specifics of a warranty vary by brand — but most include full or partial payment or reimbursement for the door and accompanying parts during a set time. The warranty may specify the amount of coverage, circumstances it covers (such as premature failure), responsibilities you have (such as care and maintenance), the installation requirements.

Even though the door manufacturer may offer a parts warranty, it may not include a labor guarantee. This means you may have to pay out of pocket for the cost of repairs, installation of new components, or issues that result from the installation itself. If the company you choose offers a labor or workmanship guarantee, you will not need to worry about some or all of these unexpected costs.

The Company Responds to Customers Quickly

Do you have questions about your future new garage door? Do you call or email the company, but receive no answer from your would-be contractor? Now what? Contractors are busy professionals who may not have the time or ability to immediately return every phone call. But this does not mean weeks should go by without contact.

If a representative from the garage door company does not respond to you in a timely manner, continue your contractor search. A quick response time demonstrates professionalism and can add to the overall efficiency of this home improvement project.

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