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Having your own bar is just one of the cool uses for your garage

We talked about practical garage uses, but what if you’re not the outdoors-y type with a garage full of boats, camping equipment and bikes, and you don’t need somewhere to make things out of metal or wood?

Perhaps you’re looking for cool uses for your garage instead.

Here’s our suggestions.

1. Bar

Why not turn your garage into a bar? It’ll be like going out, but without the expense.
You can decorate your garage how you like, whether you prefer a traditional local bar, something more modern and minimal or just want somewhere to go when you invite friends over for a drink.

2. Bedroom

Adding another bedroom to your home can mean you don’t need to move house.
Perhaps you have a new baby on the way, or need to look after an elderly or infirm relative.
Why not put your garage to good use instead?

3. Casino

Rather indulgent, like the bar, but if you’re looking for a bit of excitement without losing your shirt, why not turn your garage into a casino?
From just a few packs of cards to bringing Las Vegas to your home, you could turn your garage into somewhere everyone wants to be.

4. Family room

Why not turn your garage into a more laid back or even a smart front room?
Your family room can be as formal or informal as you like, and doesn’t need to be in keeping with the rest of your home décor, so why not make the most of it?

5. Games room

Whether you enjoy first person shooters, adventure games or sports games, you can turn your garage into an impressive gaming room with just a few TVs, games consoles and couches.

6. Guest room

If you have relatives you’d like to see more often, why not turn your garage into a guest room so that they can stay over?

7. Hang out spot

Why not give your children their own independence and space by turning your garage into a place they want to be?
Instead of moaning that there’s nothing to do, and nowhere to go, their friends will be queuing up to come round.

8. Home gym

If you’re the sporty type who lacks the time or motivation to go to the gym, why not bring the gym to you?
With some well chosen exercise equipment, you can get the workout you need without leaving your garage?

9. Home theater

If you like your movies but can’t afford to go as often as you’d like, why not bring the movie theater home instead?
Whether you spend your evenings and weekends in your garage watching the latest Hollywood blockbusters, or simply send the kids to watch their favorite DVDs, you’ll save a fortune on tickets and popcorn.

10. Man cave

Why not combine all of these uses by creating a man cave?
It’s the perfect place for your games console, gym equipment, huge TV, whiskey collection and sports memorabilia.


No matter what cool uses for your garage you choose, you’ll want to make sure that your garage door works properly, and that it is safe and secure.
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