Image of people playing pool in a garage, surrounded by walls of record sleeves
A pool table is just one of the many man cave designs for your garage

Every man needs a place to call his own, a place where he can be himself and do what he wants.

In recent years, homeowners have begun repurposing rooms in their home to create a place for men.

These man cave designs for your garage can give you a place to blow off steam after a long day at work.

Since every man is different, these sanctuaries range in function and purpose.

Listed below are five of the most common man cave designs for your garage.

1. The Gamer’s Den

The Gamer’s Den is a place where you can enter a world of race car drivers and monster hunters, athletes and dragon slayers.

This room pays homage to your inner video game enthusiast.

To pull off the Gamer’s Den, you’re going to need a few key items:

  • Comfortable seating
  • Fridge complete with drinks
  • Multiple next-gen gaming consoles
  • Top of the line HD television

You may also want to include arcade style games, high-quality sound system, and a fast internet connection to take your gaming online.

Or you can convert the Gamer’s Den to accommodate a pool table card games, board games, and other forms of analog entertainment.

2. The Theater

Similar to the Gamer’s Den, the Theater is a film lover’s paradise and one of the most popular types of man cave designs for your garage.

This type of man cave turns your garage into a comfortable place to enjoy the latest Hollywood has to offer.

Install a high definition projector and a quality speaker system. Soon you’ll hear the explosions in your favorite movies as they were meant to be heard.

Other electrics you may want to consider include:

  • Home media hub
  • Blu-ray/DVD player
  • Satellite TV

You should also invest in comfortable seating. Multiple couches and recliners can increase your movie going experience.

For larger rooms, use sectional couches to accommodate more movie goers.

For increased functionality, skip the fridge and install a soda or beer dispenser.

Having your favorite beverage on tap makes any movie that much better. You may also want to invest in a popcorn maker for fresh, theater-style popcorn.

3. The Pub

If you enjoy going to a bar after work, convert your garage in the Pub.

Having a bar in your garage gives you all the benefits of a night out with friends, with none of the frustrations like needing a cab or paying for overpriced drinks.

Your bar should have a serving/mixing area, comfortable seating, and the right lighting.

Place your serving area in a location easy to navigate but doesn’t take up too much space, such as in a corner or along a main wall.

You can stray from stools as your typical bar seating and use couches, chairs, or benches.

Remember, no bar would be complete without a neon sign or two.

4. The Craftsman

The Craftsman is a man cave for the man who loves working with his hands. This is a place where he can see his creations take shape.

This room should start with a clean workspace. A proper workbench is large enough to allow a man to multitask.

As per our Top 8 Things Every Man Should Have In His Garage, if you’re a craftsman your garage should have plenty of lighting so he can see every angle of his project. It should also have power connections so he can charge his tools and work at the same time.

From here, you’ll want plenty of garage storage. You will want to invest in wall cabinets, tool storage, and shelves to keep lumber and pipe safe and secure.

Make sure the Craftsman garage has proper ventilation. Opening a garage door may provide enough fresh air during the summer months, but when the chill of winter sets in, the garage door will likely stay closed.

A proper ventilation system rids your workspace of toxic fumes.

5. The Auto Shop

Like the Craftsman, the Auto Shop is a place for the man who likes to work with his hands.

Designed for the car enthusiast, this man cave creates the perfect space to work on your car.

From changing your oil to restoring vintage cars, the Auto Shop provides you with the tools to keep your car running smoothly.

Unsurprisingly this one of the most popular man cave designs for your garage.

Like many of these man caves, lighting is crucial in the Auto Shop. Install high-quality overhead lights to help illuminate even the smallest corners of your vehicle.

You should also purchase hanging shop lights, desk lamps, and portable work lights for easy access.

In addition to lighting, you will also need space for this cave to work effectively.

Using wall hanging cabinets will free valuable floor space, while investing in a rolling tool chest will help you keep your tools always within arm’s reach.


These are just a few man cave designs for your garage to help you can create your perfect retreat.

Whichever man cave you decide to create in your garage, make sure it fits the needs of the man occupying it.

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