Your garage may serve many purposes, such as a place to park your vehicle and store your tools. Your children might use it as a designated spot for all of their bikes, sporting equipment, and summer toys.

With warm weather in the future, keeping your garage clean becomes each more of a challenge. These tips can help you keep your garage tidy. Plus, summer is an ideal time to get a new garage door or repair your current one to ensure it protects your valuables and keeps your loved ones safe. 

1. Focus on One Section at a Time

When you walk into your garage and see items everywhere, you may get overwhelmed. Instead of trying to tackle the entire project as a whole, work on one section of your garage at a time. Move everything from each part to the other side so you can sweep and mop the floor underneath. Then, reorganize all your belongings back in that section. Once you move on to the next section, do the same. 

2. Sort Items Into Piles

Sort everything into piles as you go along. Separate the items into piles. Possible piles you could have include:

  • One for garbage 
  • One for donations
  • One for items you want to keep
  • One for items you need to relocate

Toss items that you didn’t use over the past few years. Toss broken items that you want to repair but haven’t. 

3. Organize Your Workbench

Make time to reorganize your workbench. Far too often, tools and other miscellaneous items wind up on the top without any order in mind.  This disorganization becomes time-consuming when you’re trying to complete a project.

Jars and coffee canisters are ways to recycle while keeping your tools safe and in order. For instance, use old, cleaned out salsa jars to store your screws or nails. Organize them by size, so you have an easy time finding the ones you need when you’re working in or around your home.  

4. Get Storage Bins

Purchase storage bins for sporting equipment, toys, and any other similar items that take up room. By condensing these items into bins, you have more space in your garage. Moreover, these storage bins are stackable, so you have even more space in your garage. You can either stack them on the floor or a shelf. You can even purchase or create overhead shelves to place storage bins with items you don’t use regularly. 

5. Invest in a Bike Rack

Bikes are wonderful for an afternoon ride but take up space once you park them. Instead of leaning them against a wall or in a corner, hang a bike rack on your wall. This storage technique gives you more floor space and looks more organized. 

6. Scrub Your Garage Door 

So you don’t forget about cleaning your garage door this year, take a few moments to wipe it down. It enhances the appeal of your home.

Start by using a broom to remove any loose debris. Fill a bucket with warm water and mild detergent. Use a sponge to wipe the door. Refill the bucket as you notice the water becoming too dirty. Rinse out the bucket well and fill it with water to rinse down your garage door. You could also use your garden hose for rinsing as well. 

Your garage stores your vehicles and other miscellaneous items. However, junk can sometimes accumulate, and you may get to a point when it’s overwhelming. Summer is an excellent time to reorganize and clean your garage, so you can enjoy your summer. 

Contact us for a repair or new garage door to further improve your garage this season by calling AA Garage Door, serving St. Paul, Twin Cities, and the surrounding area. 

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