What to Know About a Garage to Home Gym Conversion

How can you turn your garage into a home gym? If your local gym is closed or you don’t feel comfortable working out around other people right now, take a look at everything you need to know about this easy home improvement project.

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6 Tips for Cleaning Your Garage for the Summer

Your garage may serve many purposes, such as a place to park your vehicle and store your tools. Your children might use it as a designated spot for all of their bikes, sporting equipment, and summer toys.

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Image of movie clapper board
Many films feature epic garage scenes

More than one movie has made its name by emphasizing cars. The Fast and the Furious. The Italian Job.
The Cannonball Run. Cars. Although more people remember the dramatic car chases in these kinds of movies, the real story often lies with the garage.

Don’t believe us? Consider these famous films centered on cars (or a pair of best friends) and just how telling garage scenes can be.

Batman Begins

. . . in the Batcave.

The Batcave is where Bruce Wayne first faces his worst fear. It’s where he gets the idea both for his superhero identity and for his spotlight symbol in the sky. It’s also where he parks his car.

Granted, most of us can’t afford the sort of garage that Batman has (most of us don’t have caves under the southeast wing of our mansions). But our garages can still say a lot about us.

The most significant part of it, as Batman shows, may be the door. You haven’t reached the Batcave until you’ve burst through the waterfall-or another classy garage door of your choice.

The Batmobile may be more visible. It may be more iconic. But it’s not as symbolic or significant as the Batcave. Bruce Wayne becomes Batman in his garage:

“Why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

Back to the Future

How can any car compete with the DeLorean? Even if all it did was open its doors vertically, it would be tough to beat. The fact that it carries Marty McFly through time brings it to the top.

We learn this movie’s focus-time travel-from the garage as well as the car. The garage that doubles as a science lab for a certain wild-haired doctor is where the idea for time travel is born.

The DeLorean brings the adventure about only after the garage has made it possible.

Gone in 60 Seconds

“A brother’s love . . .” That’s why-at least in one movie-stealing cars is okay. Sometimes you have to in order to save your brother’s

There are dozens of cars certain to excite auto enthusiasts in this movie, from vintage to modern models. Admittedly, a lot of the action happens out on the streets or in car dealerships, where the chases and thefts occur.

However, we learn why the action happens from within the massive warehouse serving as a garage for stolen cars. Thieves bring cars through towering garage doors for the sake of saving Kip, Memphis’s young brother.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Sometimes a garage can tell a story even without a car. In Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, for example, two “most excellent” dudes don’t have a car of their own. However, they do have a garage band. And as it turns out, the foundation of the future world depends on the success of the “Wyld Stallyns.”

Unfortunately, Ted may be shipped off to military school in Alaska, wreaking havoc upon the band and the world it has to save.

If Bill and Ted can’t pass a history report, their band won’t be able to end war, align planets, or provide excellent dancing music.

The band destined to do all of these things begins in a garage.

The Place to Be

Whether you are facing your fears, “boosting” cars in 60 seconds, traveling through time, or saving the world without a car, chances are that you’re doing it from your garage. Even if you’re simply helping your neighborhood look classy, that’s “most excellent” too.

Garages say a lot about their owners. It’s true in the movies, so it must be true about you.