4 Garage Door Security Tips

Garage doors are useful for giving you easy access to your garage; however, garage doors can become a security risk if you don’t take precautions. If you’re not careful, criminals can use your garage door or opening system to break into your garage and home. If you want to better protect your home, check out these four garage door security tips.

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Garage Door Repair Cost

Garage Door Repair Cost

Things to look for in Garage Door Repair Cost.
Winter is here and the garage door repair season is the highest demand. The most common repairs are springs, cables, and garage door openers. When repairing springs on a two car door prices range from $179 – $139. Cable changes average $139 – $179. And opener replacement for Liftmaster chain drives averages $300 -400 depending on door height and number of remotes needed. Most good companies will give you a cost over the phone for these repairs, be careful if they are unwilling to provide you with a close price and if your repairs are more then $400 give a couple of companies a call, so your not paying the high price for repairs. And if you hit the $1000 mark for a door repair you can get a new Clopay garage door for that cost depending on size and if you want an insulated door. We wish everyone Happy Holidays with some friendly advice to help you make an informed discussion. Please share this with family and friends. Continue reading “Garage Door Repair Cost”

AA Garage Door joins the IDA

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AA Garage Doors are delighted to have joined the IDA

In June AA Garage Door joined the IDA (International Doors Association) at www.doors.org.


We did this for some reasons, the main one being to show our dedication to our products and services, and more importantly, our commitment to our customers.

Joining a recognized trade association also provides us with additional credibility and to show our potential customers we know what we’re doing.

Those looking for an experienced Minnesota garage door repair company to carry out services and maintenance, as well as install a new garage door or automatic garage door opener will be confident that we can do the work to the high standard they expect.

Benefits of Joining the IDA

Already we’ve seen immediate benefits, and have learned much from the website.  We’ve been able to learn from others too, and are keen to share our new found knowledge with our customers.

The IDA also provides us with opportunities for training, so in the future, we might go on training courses, to find out about different ways to help grow our business, and learn about new products, and how to better meet the needs of our customers.

Being a member will help us when we look at bigger jobs, such as maintaining the garage doors for new commercial customers. Our membership will show that we are capable of providing an excellent service, and a great product.

When we recruit new garage door contractors, we will be able to reassure them that they are working for a company that belongs to a recognized trade association and all the benefits that brings.


AA Garage Door owner David Sands added, “I’m happy to announce that AA Garage door is now a member of the IDA. It’s something we as a business should have done years ago.

We’ve worked hard to build our business and our reputation, and now we’ll be able to help even more customers save time and money, by standing out from our competitors.

We’re looking forward to providing a better service to all our customers in and around Minneapolis and St Paul as a result of our membership of the IDA.”


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